Website, Email and Domain Hosting

 500.00  499.00



The following offering are in high speed, dedicated vps. We never overcrowd clients on low throughout ( cpu, ram) servers. We have Gegabyte networks with terabytes of reserved bandwidth.


1. General purpose website and email hosting


  •  General purpose shared PHP hosting, 2 GB disk space in SSD, website and email hosting, 500 Rs/month
  •  free unlimited email accounts or catchall/email forwarders
  •  unlimited MYSQL database
  •  free domain hosting. 1 Domain (Website) allowed
  •  Free SSL certificate to enable https:// communication
  •  30Gb / month transfer …you may exceed some of this limit, subjected to fair usage
  • automatic backup of last one day is maintained


2.  Everything included from 1

General purpose, 5 GB disk space, website and email hosting,


  • 900 Rs/ month ( free international domain name for 1 year and website migration if pre-purchased for 1/2/3 years)
  • 3 Domain (redirect Website hosting) , free website migration from your old hosting
  • 100 Gb /month bandwidth / transfer
  • automatic backups of last 3 days is maintained


  • 30 days of full data backup (@500 Rs/month)



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