Software development services and SaaS

We are a team of Software developers, IT and system administrators, Designers, Internet marketing strategists.

We hire domain experts in local market to work with us… to help build or maintain your software products. We are full service IT company. Following are list of technology we work day to day.

  • PHP programming [WORDPRESS, MAGENTO ]
  • PYTHON [ Django ]
  • JAVA / Android
  • Linux server administration, remote support and customization ( creating custom Linux distributions, Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Elasticsearch, Redis, Mail servers, DNS Troubleshooting, software or server optimization, scripting and automation, CI/CD, Jenkins/GitLab server, server monitoring alerting and automatic troubleshooting to name a few…)
  • Windows server Administration and RDP support
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • UI/UX [css, frontend design and wire-frame, photoshop /image slicing ]

Outsource your IT or software and technical problems… and focus on your core business.

We are developing cloud ready solution that can primarily run on your intranet to digitize paperwork and offline business.

Stay tuned for updates…

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