Managed Business Service and Dedicated Hosting

We provide Managed IT. Linux and Windows Server Administration, Website Email and Domain Hosting & build software solutions in PHP, Python, Java, Mobile App. Development. Content Development and Digital Marketing  

For average or startup companies it may not be economic to hire full time IT experts in every domain

Nepal does not have many high end companies and experts in the field of IT and we have foreign migration of highly skilled and unskilled workers year after year.

New in-house employees will take time to learn. Knowledge will take time to pass down.

Hiring foreign companies to look after your IT needs is costly as fee for a single expert in markets like USA and Europe ranges above 100K USD per employee per year.

Hiring a top end Nepali IT expert as hourly consultant to look after your every technical needs saves you a lot.

We are here, close near by and backed-up all the year round.


Managed IT

Managed Server Infrastructure

Onsite /tech support  per  day

Dedicated VPS  hosting

IT Infrastructure Audit

Information security training



48 hours per month of managed IT package . We provide onsite and remote IT support and consultancy in everything related to Information Technology. We have a team of programmers, IT administrators, SEO, UX/Designers.


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We manage your server, IT infrastructure so you can focus on your core business. If it is a old inhouse computer system that need backup, presence, upgrade , software and security maintenance then you may need to opt for Managed IT for first few months.

(write us in details and request for quote)

We provide onsite tech. support to troubleshoot your  technical issues or to provide technical advice.

Server specification starts at:


4 vCPUs

5 TB bandwidth per month

160 GB storage

IT processes and code review

Train your staff on basic – advance IT security best practices , that they can use day to day on work.

The workshop is:

– two full days short course (for general staff)

– or 5 days course (this is for technical staff)


Cost per month

1000$ 100$/server / domain. (on server setup and infrastructure provided by us) Cost Per Day  : 100$ (7000 Rs) , pre-booking needed via Khalti, eSewa, ConnectIPS

starting at 100 – $ / month :

Write in details your cpu, ram, bandwidth estimates and infrastructure requirements to customize accordingly.

3 month discount if upfront payed for 1 year

Request for quote Request for Quote  

We provide dedicated IT consultants to look into your infrastructure issues and improvements. We also provide programmers to maintain or update your inhouse software. We also provide disaster recovery, managed backups and network monitoring service. We can migrate and replicate your any current infrastructure to new system so that they run for ever and dependable.

Request a quote : please email us on ‘info [at]’ with your requirement or to schedule appointments.

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