Information Security Training

[ Practicals and Workshop ]


  • Introduction to Linux and Windows
  • Introduction to common hacking techniques
  • Digital forensics investigation
  • Network Security, firewall and Audit
  • Computer Host based security audit
  • Anti forensics and anonymity
  • Penetration Testing
  • Human factor security / Social engineering
  • Logging, auditing, monitoring
  • Physical and perimeter security
  • CyberLaw, cyber crime and hacking incidents in Nepal
  • Antivirus / IDS/ IPS , Network data inspection

  • book your seats online, email us at study [at]
    (please write about yourself, sent your latest cv, social profile, scanned documents/photo of any accomplishments)

We may open this training to International students in the future.

We provide selected exceptional students and interns Information security scholarship and training of upto 50000 NRS given they have completed last 4 month with us.

Normally the paid Information security training package is a 100 hour course of two month. We expect students to have some familiarity with linux and text based console.

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