Mechanizing and automatizing Agriculture In Nepal:

Technology and robotics integration can substitute many of repeated human effort from selection of seed, seedling , plantation, watering, nurture, predicting yield, detecting disease, harvest.

In a world 25 years from now , advancement in robotics and agriculture automation, vertical, horizontal and echo-farming will make most of human hardship for growing food effortless and automated.

It will lead to cheaper, nutritious and larger yield and abundance of food for all. We are already seeing the shift, farms in USA are 2-5 times more productive than elsewhere even after discounting Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) . Automation is the secret sauce of fish farms in Europe. Some put Research effort for sports and China is to terraform desert.

Automation has largely helped poultry farms and large corporate fish farm of Europe. Technological automation can detect feeding habit, present of disease, neutralize pathogens, monitor temperature, monitor water quality, alert and act, maximize the yield, make the cost edge. It can even help random re-forestation.

Our farmers and homes need to have agriculture equivalent of what dog played to animal husbandry .

Advancement in software robotics automation can tirelessly accomplish precision and repentance. Software assisted agriculture with Goal, Control, Communications, Computers, image processing, Regression, Data Analysis have the potential of maximizing agriculture yield like something printed from heavens or a 4-D printer. How can we feed 5 times more?

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Some farmers in #Nepal are already benefiting from some level of automation eg: digging, plantation or harvesting with the use of machines in the field, rice plantation and rice cutting machinery.

  1. Fish farming is easiest to automate after hatchery ready fish are delivered.
  2. Poultry farm: automation is moderately only difficult to automate. New advance of layered vertical cages, automatic water, food, medicine feeding system, automatic egg collection belt, temperature and ventilation system and image recognition system to check feeding , activity and health.
  3. Animal Husbandry : There are cow auto milking machine, animal scrubbing machines. Not much for a goat farm except few people looking into hundreds of goats of the community. Can feed collection , processing and feeding be automated.
  4. Grain and Vegetable : general purpose vegetable farming machines are difficult. Automating around specialized modules like hydroponics or vertical farming in a control environment can be automated. In general farming environments robots can be used to remotely inspect quality of growth or deficiencies except from sensors.

Note/List human effort, note what farmers’ time are spent the most ?

  • Most difficult ?
  • Physical
  • Mechanical
  • Evaluation of product / usefulness

Methodologically list advancements in agriculture automation and Buy /study / evaluate products.

Plant Seed and grains.

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