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Technology is a boon and it have made our life easier to connect and communicate to anyone worldwide. But, it have also enabled people with mischievous intent to trouble others via online and staying virtually invisible.


With the advent of increasingly cheaper computers parts and accessories, more businesses and government offices have started using them to improve productivity and efficiency.


Internet usage has enhanced the ability of organizations and end users to conduct their activities in a cost-effective and efficient way, as opposed to the often costly, perishable and cumbersome means like paper.


As a result, the dependency on computers of businesses, educational institutions, offices and individuals, is increasing and if computers breakdown or become inaccessible, these users loose valuable time, customer trust and efficiency.


Even with such increasing dependency on computers, the majority of computer systems in Nepal, are still in danger of abuse and attacks. An attack on a business or an organization can cause substantial financial damage and can lead to the loss of irreplaceable data and customer trust. Similar attacks on government institutions might cripple them and even lead to theft or damage of sensitive data and plans. Today, sensitive customer information, financial data, intellectual property, and strategic plans maybe exposed to malicious intruders, over the internet.vulnerabilities.


There is still a lack of adequate knowledge about network and security among internet users, be it an individual, or an organization. mis-configured or outdated operating systems, vulnerabilities in software, un patched systems, and a lack of security awareness by individual users provide a rich environment for intruders to exploit.


Currently, almost anyone connected to the internet or any other network is at risk. Over such networks and the internet, attacks can occur rapidly and spread over a large area, irrespective of the actual geographical locations of the computers.


private investigation in hacking, cyberthreat, system audit, custom software development in Nepal

As a result, there is a growing need to be able to communicate, coordinate, analyze, respond to and prevent cyber attacks across different sectors.

It is paramount that coordination and cooperation occurs among government, law enforcement, commercial organizations, the research community, and practitioners who have experience in responding to IT security incidents.

There is also a strong need for developing a community of educated, trained, knowledgeable, and aware practitioners who understand the risks and issues related to cyber security incidents and the threats.

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