Data recovery service




Excel, important photo of memories, Word or other digital documents sometimes can get corrupt — due to inappropriate handling or due to hardware or software crashes, sometimes data can get permanently lost beyond recover if the storage is used beyond its useful years (3-5 years).

There is hope, our team of experts can help recover corrupt data or not responding pen drive, harddisk, SSD, SDD.


99.9% of data can be recovered if it is a software level issue. Do not re-format, try to copy new data or delete data from such a drive. It is safe to turn off the computer or device and contact experts.

Visiting Charge :

1500 Rs (onsite, our technical staff will visit your office)

500 Rs (initial phone and online support and you visit our office)

Recovery Charge:

500 Rs – 5000 Rs (depending on the size of problem)