Managed Business Service and Dedicated Hosting




For average or startup companies it may not be economic to hire full time IT experts in every domain.

Nepal does not have many high end companies and experts in the field of IT and we have foreign migration of highly skilled and unskilled workers year after year.


New in-house employees will take time to learn. Knowledge will take time to pass down.


Hiring foreign companies to look after your IT needs is costly as fee for a single expert in markets like USA and Europe ranges above 100K USD per employee per year.


Hiring a top end Nepali IT expert as hourly consultant to look after your every technical needs saves you a lot.


We are here, close near by and backed-up all the year round.


Request a quote : please email us on ‘info [at]’ with your requirement and to schedule an appointment.

Mentioned cost is per day, in NRP , ~100USD

Contact us for bulk quote and your detailed requirement.