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Nepali Search Engine | | Search within Nepali Websites and Domain

Around end of March 2020 we had demo Nepali search engine indexing more than 4000 Nepali websites and ~1000 government websites and subdoamins.

Now , moving further with its own brand-name we have launched supports search in Nepali language and we return search result exclusively from within Nepal and Nepali websites only. In the homepage we have also put some example of clickable shortcut to some Most Searched Keywords .

So for example, if you search, say keyword सहयोग list of Nepali search results with keyword ‘सहयोग’ is returned.

This way you can quickly search or sort all ‘सहयोग’ ( help ) happening all over Nepal.

Similarly, if we search for any of the following keyword, say :

खर्ब || अर्ब || भ्रष्टाचार ||

we can get news and website results from Nepal for the words and if sorted by date and in descending order we can get search results from all websites from all over Nepal whenever those above keywords are mentioned in any of the Nepali websites.

Moving further, we are looking for financial partners so we can invest in software development to refine the search results and search algorithms further and return best results possible. (the search results are already as good and better than the search engine Bing )

We are also looking for other national; and regional level partners (and sponsors ) so any country can have unique and private search engine customized for their own country. Such search engine will be more up-to-date and tailored for search results for within your own country.

Search results from large search providers like Bing and Google are are expensive to rank on, not up-to-date for all websites … and beyond main news and event the results are stale by more than few days by which the results may be not relevant.

We are here to change that. Stay tuned…

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